• The apartments are located in Block 4, Street. Opieńskiego in Poznan.
  • Excellent location
    Perfect location of our apartments provides easy access to the city of Poznan both by car and public transportation. Journey to the Centre, Fair, or the Old Market by tram or car takes from 10 to 14 min.
  • Quick access to the center
    At a distance of 30 meters from the Block 4 is a tram stop (Poznań Fast Tram), which takes you directly to the Fair and the Old Market. Next to the tram route there are two exclusive shopping centers: PLAZA (2 stops - 6 min.) and PESTKA (3 stops - 8 min.) The PESTKA in addition to shops, cafes and restaurants you can visit the sports club, which offers inter alia sauna. Fast tram No. 12 will take you within 16 - 18 minutes to the Center for Culture and Business "Old Brewery".
  • Parking or garage
    Within 500 meters from the Block 4 you can choose unguarded or guarded parking lot. The nearest is unguarded - 30 meters from the entrance of the building, or guarded - about 200 meters, visible from the windows of two apartments.
    At your disposal we also have a garage - about 500 meters from the apartments.
  • Convenient shopping
    You can do grocery shopping in the numerous housing estates, small shops, or in the Tesco supermarket (250 m from the entrance of the building) which is open 24/7. Delicatessen "Peter and Paul" are in the shopping center PLAZA.
  • Recreation and leisure
    In just 5 minutes walk from the house there are Nature Reserve Żurawiniec and the Academic Campus. Location encourage active outdoor recreation - you will be far from the hustle and bustle, but close to the beautiful forest, pond with ducks and swans, horse stable... From the entrance to the block No. 4 runs bicycle path that takes you straight to the "lungs" of Poznań - a beautiful, historic Citadel park (approx. 4 km). Citadel is the largest park in Poznań, and besides green you will also find there cafes, museum, rosarium. Poznaners here walk, ride bicycles and inline skating.